Winter Recap

Most of the winter we lay low and enjoy family time.

Playing the Wii, reading, watching movies, and snuggling on the couch.

Here are snippets of our winter:

Jake posing next to one of their book shelves…glad both of our boys take after Mom and love to read!

Kaleb with one of his favorite books:

The best Valentine’s picture I could get- what hams!


Yummy cookie from the bakery!

Kaleb enjoying crafts

Invasion of the geese!

Jakob’s gift to the world:

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You Capture {Depth of Field}



 For more of You Capture , head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry.

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You Capture {Yellow}


Flora at the Town Hall


Lights at my childs new school


A little bit of yellow from last June. 

The roses were photographed at a local rose garden…


Memorial flowers left for loved ones at The Moving Wall

who lost their lives in Vietnam.

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You Capture {Spring- again}

More signs of Spring…


For more you You Capture…head on over to I Should Be Folding Laundry

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You Capture {Spring}

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year (minus they allergy part!).  Because I do not have flowers, 

flowering trees of my own, I chose to “capture” the beauty around me. 






Yarmouth, Maine


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Submitted a photo to National Geographic Magazine under “Your Shot”.

My Gallery at NGM can be viewed here.

View of Casco Bay from Wolfe's Neck Woods Freeport, Maine

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Freeport, Cape Elizabeth, Portland

We decided to take a few days and step away and “relax” in Maine.  For the most part the weather was great.  For the most part, the kids were good.  

We arrived late Thursday afternoon.  The weather was a bit on the stormy side, but soon cleared up.  Enjoyed a trip to LL Bean and ate dinner at Antonia’s Pizzaria (food was good).  Of course the minute we got into our room, I quickly remembered why I said I was going to wait a while before going on another over-nite trip; Kaleb ran back and forth in the room, bothering Jakob, trying to open the door (even though it was latched..which caused a loud banging sound), turning the TV on and off…and if it wasn’t Kaleb, it was Jake….aaah!  Both of the kids slept well, parents not so.  

Friday the weather was cool and cloudy, with a few droplets of rain here and there until mid-afternoon.  Here was what our day looked like:  

  •  Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park– beautiful views of Casco Bay, birds (saw an osprey!), hiking trails were nice
  • traveled through Bath…had to check out Bath Iron Works
  • lunch at Joshua’s Tavern– loved the atmosphere, food was ok, but not a good sign when your waitress says this really isn’t the place to go if you are looking for fresh seafood (doh!)..and we were..
  • visited Cape Elizabeth..what a nice area- the main purpose of heading here was to go to Two Lights State Park, Portland Head Light…which is located at Fort Williams Park (this park was free..and so beautiful)
  • did some shopping at the mall(s) in Portland
  • made our way up (over…which ever way) to Cousins Island– oh to live on a quite island, live in a big (or small) house near the ocean, cruise around in a Mini Cooper…
  • not far away was Yarmouth– enjoyed some views of Lower Falls from Grist Mill Park…they have two beautiful churches

Saturday was so beautiful.  The sun was out, and the breeze was so calming.  

  • One last trip to LL Bean (to use my $10 gift card received Thursday)..this time I went to the Home Store to see what I could pick up for the boys room (re-done in nautical theme the weekend before).  I decided to wait on the Freeport sign , but went with two cotton blankets (one in deep red, the other in navy), and a set of really cool snack bowls made of recycled materials (they do not show on their website ?).  Oh!  For my purchase, I received another $10 gift card
  • the part of the trip Todd was most excited about…eating lunch at Newick’s Lobster House– fresh seafood..awesome waitress- he was in his glory!  After a bowl of seafood chowder, 5 mini crabcakes, 2 lobsters, rice pilaf, and deep fried cheesecake, I didn’t think he wold be able to drive the 3 hours home!  He did take advantage of taking scenic Route 1 most of the way to the Maine/NH line because each time I wanted to stop and shop, he was able to nap.
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