Trinen Treatenen

Kaleb cannot quite get the word out, but he got the concept!

Knowing what we had gone through last year, we did a little test drive with his costume in the morning.  He was going to dress up like a red-eyed tree frog (he picked it out from Kohl’s)- the costume came in three pieces.  We got the body on him and that was it- it wasn’t pretty.  Headed to Target to pick up some things and decided to get him this shirt and hoodie to wear:

007 009

The weather was warm, yet chilly and very windy- perfect night for some trick-o-treating!  Kaleb and Hot Dawg (I mean Jake) are all set to go!

014  015

The first house, he knew what to do!


A few neighbors…..I am sure if Jakob knew who Michael Myers was he wouldn’t have enjoyed this guys costume.  Freaked me out a bit. 

022 023

Went on our way, searching for the hot cider around the corner, none this year =(.  Stopped at all of our houses we have been to since Jake was old enough to go out for Halloween.  Stopped by Mr. Bob’s (he is a train enthusiast), went up East Main.  We could hear a chain saw in the distance and the Halloween Theme by John Carpenter.  Spooky!  Up Mr. Frank’s road…I overheard this one Mother say his some wan’t feeling well because he had been spooked by someone- I could hear the boy say “I can feel a fart coming out of my butt!”.  I felt bad, but thought it was funny.

032 039

We found out where all of the action was coming from.  There is a big white house on E. Main that was all done up with music, a ghost bride and groom, and a guy that would come out and rev up his chain saw (he would not do it with little kids around).  Pretty wild.  Todd and Kaleb were way ahead of us.  My Mom, Jake , and I were a little behind (a disadvantage of not being 6′ 4″).


Headed over to the firehouse and played some games, then made our way to “the condos” before heading home.  At this point, both of the kids had a ton of candy.  They were getting tired too (we were out a little over an hour in total).

049 054

Of all the things we saw that I thought the kids would be scared of and weren’t (well, Kaleb was scared of the werewolf pictured up top), this guy scared them!  He was so still I thought he was a dummy, until we got up close and he yelled “BOO!”.  Both of the kids jumped a mile!  Kaleb wouldn’t even take candy from him!


When we got home we had to have some candy of course!  By the time we went through Jake’s bag and took out all of the “contains or may contain peanuts or tree nuts” candy due to his peanut allergy, he had less than half a bag (and it was full to the top)- we do the same for Kaleb even though he has never been tested (do not want to find out the hard way!).  They had so much fun!  Of course, Jakob had to group all of his candy and Kaleb kept saying “Mo candee!”.


Waxing Gibbous 98% of Full

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1 Response to Trinen Treatenen

  1. Sharon Poppie says:

    These pictures were awsome Jenn. Some of them you would never know they were taken in the dark. The boys were so cute.

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