Woodstock Fair

Woodstock Fair

Woodstock Fair

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It’s that time of year again!  Fair season has been in full swing here.  There are a few in the area, but we always try to attend the Woodstock Fair.  We always have so much fun..and it is a plus that your aunt “-in-law” is president …so we are gifted with free admission and ride passes (thank you Aunt Sue!).  I do not believe I have ever attended a local fair until Todd and I first met (14 years ago).  I love to check out the cars and tractors on display!  But my most favorite part is people watching!  My husbands favorite?  FOOD!

Because Todd is not a fan of rides due to him and motion not getting along, his thing is eating!  Do you know how hard it is for him to go for 2 hours or so and eat for under $40?  He usually starts off with Ray’s Fries (I am not as huge of a fan as everyone else that attends)- huge fries served in a cardboard dog dish; then it’s off to find the biggest italian sausage w/ fixings for the least amount of money; how about a meatball grinder?; then maybe a raised donut, apple crisp, pizza, and frozen ice?  I prefer either an apple crisp, blooming onion, or strawberry shortcake.  Lastly, we HAVE to get a Del’s lemonade.  This year we got the mondo cup…the 16 ouncer! 

This year Kaleb was old enough (2 1/5 years old) and certainly tall enough to go on the kiddie rides with me.  His first ride was the dragon rollercoaster- he had so much fun that when it stopped he started screaming because he didn’t want to get off!  We were able to ride all of the rides (except one that he could not go on alone)…even going down the BIG slide with Daddy!  Jakob had a blast as well.  When asked what his favorite part of the day was he said “EVERYTHING!”.

 Can’t wait for next year!

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