My Blue Eyed Babies

The kids enjoying dinner tonight. Jake was so excited to have Pringles with his Italian sausage; Kaleb wasn’t too thrilled with his toddler meal so I prepared something else for him.
They have been busy during Spring Break. The weather has been getting warmer so they have gone for walks and being kept busy with crafts. Kaleb loves to do what big brother does..including coloring! Here’s hoping everyone is healthy (we are all trying to get over a 2 week cold!) and the weather is nice on Friday…Todd and I have the day off and we are planning something fun!
We are heading to VT the 26th and excited! They are releasing the dam at Ball Mt which will create white water rapids (lots of people come to kayak) through Jamaica State Park. We hope to explore the park (there’s a waterfall) and possibly head up to the mountain. Will have the digital and SLR with me =).
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