Spin those Wheels!

Today Jake attended Lydia’s birthday party at Skate Inn. It was his first time with roller skates on! It was a little dramatic getting the skates on him! Todd and I both worked with him on how to move his feet/legs and keep his posture. We’ll say my back hurts from trying to keep him up! We had many Bambi-like moves (as you can see below)..after making it onto the floor, he wanted to give up and go home (bad Jakob arrived) because he kept falling; about 5 of us tried to persuade him back on the floor. After about 10 minutes, he decided he was going to skate on the carpet (he did really well!)…then went onto the floor! He did the chicken dance and even played four corners. At the end, he made such an improvement and we were proud. Then, he fell and hit his head…then came the ice..and tears..and the “I want to go home”. Aaaah! He enjoyed himself and playing the arcade games as well (the ones that worked!). Todd enjoyed himself too..I am sure he will be hurting tomorrow..it has been 20 years or so since he has been!!!

(The place hasn’t changed in the 15 years I have been there- well, maybe a fresh coat of paint in that cheesy pattern..oh, and an addition to have the parties/arcade).

Daddy and Jake starting out

Katelyn and Jake

And a video!

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