Harvest Festival

Jakob slept through 3/4 of the Harvest Festival (held at school), but I took him once he got up.

He didn’t want to dress up as the pirate, so he wore his costume from last year (he wanted to buy the “Little Mermaid” costume earlier in the week…..). I had silver sparkles and spider clips in my hair!

We arrived when they were doing the raffles (we have no ticket!), but we got to see all of the kids dressed up. Jakob kept asking for his teacher and insisted we go to his classroom when we did not see her in the gym. He was disappointed when he saw the lights were out and the door was locked. We headed to the car and he started crying, saying he was sad that he didn’t see his teacher. He said that she was sad too and that her heart was wrinkled. To cheer him up I asked him how his day was and that that I heard he and his teacher “twirled and danced around the classroom”. I asked what kind of music they danced to and he said “a beautiful piece of music”. So sweet.
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