10 Months

For the most part, Big K is a happy baby. He gets quite the little attitude when a toy is taken from him, he is tired or hungry, or when big brother will not leave him alone (he “hits” him and “yells”). We are slowly re-introducing chunkier foods as he wanted nothing to do with them a few weeks ago; also tried him on whole milk and milk based formula, but he wasn’t having it (he did drink some in a sippy cup). He loves “helping” me with the dishes. Favorite TV show is Thomas the Train. Favorite toys are Jakob’s railroad tracks and his wooden block that he loves to bang on the floor. He throws toys all over the place! He loves to go for walks and is such a good boy when we go to the store or a restaurant. And when nothing else will calm him down when he is upset or tired…it is my hair that does the trick.

Getting ready to play with the computer.

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