Weeks 23 & 24

Big boy now sits in his high chair for meals and just loves it! It is close to a window, so he can look out and see what’s going on or plays with toys on his tray while “suppy” is being prepared.

Waiting patiently for his cereal

As of 5.26.07, he is eating Stage 2 baby food. Unlike Jake, he is not picky…doesn’t particularly care for peaches, but he will at least eat them!

He is not quite in the habit of rolling over, but tries to turn himself sideways while on his back. He loves to be in a sitting position…he even went onto his belly last week! In his crib, he turned himself completely around.

I have still been getting up with him about twice a night either to nurse or change a “poo” diaper. The last two nights though, he has gone to bed around 10:30 and slept through until 7 a.m.

It has been hot the last couple of days and the air conditioners are not in yest, so I decided to put Kaleb in the shower with me on an “off” bath night to cool down. I started the shower up and he cried..but calmed down as soon as we got in. He laughed as I put him under the shower head.
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One Response to Weeks 23 & 24

  1. ~*~Snappz~*~ says:

    what a gorgeous kiddo you have! :o)

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