I have had year round allergies all of my life. Causing other problems such as ear infections, tubes in my ears, nose bleeds, and asthma along with typical allergy symptoms. Since getting pregnant with Jakob, the allergies and asthma pretty much went away and I have only had to use my inhalers or take meds a handful of times in 5 years. UNTIL THIS YEAR! My word, it is really bad. Of course I had to go online to WebMD to find the names of the eye drops (Patanol) and meds (R-Tanna, because nothing else works for me) I prefer since it has been so long. I picked up some Claratin at Wallyworldand it worked for a day. Guess I need to call the DR tomorrow.

So this it what my right eye has looked like all day. I had to hold it closed on the ride into work because it was stinging so bad. If you look close enough you can see the zig-zag sutures from my cornea transplant.

Speaking of sneezes…Kaleb sneezed with a mouth full of food resulting in my second shower of the day.

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