Happy Easter {Updated}

Will post on the week later along with pictures from today. We weren’t planning on Easter dinner, but my Mom had no plans- we are going to have ham and strawberry cake for desert. Once Nana gets here, we are going color eggs.

Jake woke up and found the eggs the Easter bunny hid in the living room. He didn’t bring much candy this year…but brought Charlotte’s Web, a book, and hot wheels instead.

**Update: Lunch was good, and the raisin sauce Todd made was a hit (I passed). Jakob is wound up like you wouldn’t believe. Waiting for Nana to get here to color eggs. We already had desert…yummy stuff.

So after waking up Monday morning with my eye half swollen shut, I went to see Dr. C. I had pink eye. He seems to think that it was from the sinus infection I had a few weeks before (same bacteria). So I am on 2 tablets of Augmenten (they are like 2 inches long!!) twice a day and 2 eye drops three times a day. *SIGH*. I feel better though. Good thing I didnt put it off..pink eye can be pretty bad for your eye if you let it go and the infection goes behind your eye. Also don’t like toplay around with having surgery either.
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