Jakob and his pal Blacky

Jakob continues to enjoy school and gets good reports from the teacher. Yesterday, he had the opportunity of bring home “Blacky”. Here is the story behind our fury freind as told to Nana:

Each day a child is picked to take home and share one of two classroom pets (they come in their own bag, a tooth brush, paper, crayons/markers, and a jornal), where they do things with the family and it is entered into a journal. Blacky, had his teeth brushed, went to Walmart, colored, ate dinner, and had a book read to him today (I am tired!). Blacky, is also a relative of Chester- a racoon-, the main character in the book the teacher is reading to the class called “The Kissing Hand”. Chester leaves clues in the book and around the class and the children are sent on a “hunt”.

We are told that he is bothered come snack time, because almost all of the children have milk (you pay the school .30/day for milk of your choice) and we pack “aqua pods (water)” and a juice box for a drink. Guess I will be sending along “milk money”.
One other thing has also come up: When the class is doing an activity that Jakob’s understands and is doing and they don’t necessarily “get”, requiring the teachers help, he gets frustrated with the kids.
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