With Jakob all ready, we headed to school! As soon as we pulled in our parking space, he was rearing to go! We waited our turn until we could go into class, and then I signed him in- he immediately ran over to his teacher and gave her a big hug. I looked around a bit, hung up his back pack, and put away his “extra” clothes in his cubby hole. He was roaming around the class- wanting to play with the water table (it wasn’t “open” for service yet); he then saw his classmate Logan painting. The aide put a smock on him and he was off! I gave him a kiss and he looked up with sad eyes, but quickly returned to painting.
I waited with the other parents when it was time to pick up Jakob, a couple of them peeping in the windows to see what was going on. Jakob’s class was dismissed last. As the children/parents are lined up to leave, Miss Corso sings to them “Good bye…Jakob….see you soon” and she tells the parent how the child did during the day.

Overall, he had a great day- painting, socializing, playing outside.

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