It’s a Boy!!


The Ultrasound went wonderful today. The technician was so nice, showing me everything and explaining as she went along.

The baby was positioned in an arch with his head closer to my chest and his feet pointing downward. He kept kicking…and it was cool, because I could see it. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue partially out. At one point, he had a leg and arm in the air. He moved his arm close to his mouth as if he was kissing it. Along comes a penis….and I didn’t need her to tell me it was a boy! After about 30 minutes of checking the liver, kidneys, heart, ect. and taking measurements the technician said, “You should go to the bathroom…your bladder looks like it is ready to explode!”. After returning, she took more pictures and measurements. We saw more of his face, he actually looks like Jakob in a weird kind of way (looking back at ultrasound pics of Jakob and a picture of him after he was can see the resemblance). He quieted down some, not so much kicking. Closer to the end, his arms were covering his face as if he were going to settle down to sleep or he was playing shy. The technician commented on “how he is such a good boy, cooperating so she could get all of her pictures”. The baby weighs 1 lb. 2 ozs.

After I decided to go have my blood work done (to detect any problems)- I was right there.

If things don’t change, his name will be Kaleb (we don’t have a middle name yet).

Baby’s Face

Baby’s Foot

Baby’s Hand and Foot

Week 22
Your baby measures about 7.6 inches and weighs about 12.3 ounces. The muscles are getting stronger every week now, and the eyelids and eyebrows are developed. Your baby’s acrobatics are pretty constant, and since he responds to sound, rhythm and melody, you can try singing and talking to him. After he’s born, the same sounds will soothe him.

Your uterus is continuing to grow, but you’re probably feeling pretty good — no more morning sickness, and your abdomen isn’t so large that it’s getting in the way very much. You may still be getting leg and foot cramps, as well as mild swelling of ankles and feet.

Tip for the Week:
To reduce cramping, increase your intake of calcium and potassium. Have a glass of milk before bedtime or snack on potassium-rich foods, such as grapefruits, oranges and bananas.

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