Jakob’s new word. He has said it a few times now, the last being yesterday…he yelled it at a boy on the slide at the play park.

(He moves his toes just like Todd does…dont’ ask and I can’t do it).

It is now clicking that boys and girls are “different”. He has already learned that his “winkie” is a penis and the “peanuts” next to it are testicles. Last night as I was dressing he says, “Mom, there’s something wrong with your penis.” Then comes the discussion again about how girls have vaginas, ect. He then proceeds to say “Well, I have testicles!”.

For the past few days he has been lifting his shirt, and sticking his belly out saying “I have a baby growing in my belly and it’s name will be Jakob just like me!”. It is cute. Then comes the discussion on how only Mommy’s have babies…

Went back to Old Navy today to pick up some more of those “boat shoes” for him as he wants so bad th wear the leather ones we bought him for school. He picked out the hat….

This weekend we are possibly going to Chucky Cheese and then to the Children’s Museum in Providence…..

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