Ultrasound Results??

We had the ultrasound today…we much rather prefer to have a doctor do it rather than a technician (with Jakob, Dr. Raheb went through everything he was doing)- I guess this is the downside of switching from an OB/GYN to family doctor. So, we have a picture…no specific due date (technician thought I was closer to 16 weeks rather than 19-20- I think she is on crack) …could be a boy (but she wasn’t sure..umbilical cord was in the way..). We did get to see the heart and spine and the baby had the hiccups. Jakob was more concerned with “What’s that goo on my Mom’s belly?!”.

I will get the results and an actual due date on 7/12. Looks like I will be scheduled for another ultrasound at the “22nd week”.

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