Can we say vacation?!

Today officially begins the first day of my vacation. WOOHOO! I go back to work 7/10. Started off with a party at Melissa’s house…pool, food, keg, jello shots- yeah, I enjoyed the food. Jakob decided “I want to spend time with my Grammy”…so I wasn’t going to argue. We had a good time..Brian and T were there from work.

Todd announced today “I am going to start a new diet today” (he doesn’t eat much anyway), as she stuffs 2 slices of pizza in his mouth…after having 4 beers and a cigarette (yes, a cigarette!!!) and a slew of food today at the picnic.

Don’t really have a plan for this week: Monday we have the ultrasound!; lunch with Rob from work one, or two days; and party at Boucher’s Saturday. Probably going to head to the children’s museum and Devil’s Hopyard tomorrow. Just going to wing the rest of it (want to go to the beach and to Maine)…I would be happy hanging out here, playing outside with Jake and reading.

The monitor went on the big computer…don’t think we are going to go back to Best Buy for a while. They told us when we bought the Gateway that if ANYTHING happend to any piece of the equipment, they would replace it. So after 2 years, the monitor goes and it is coming back fixed within 1-2 weeks. Sucks, stuck using the 5 year old laptop! Same thing happend when we bought the iPods- mine went through 3 (yes, 3) hard drives…I get a new one next time it goes out (they had told us it would be replaced if anything went wrong).

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