My Trip to Vermont

Ahhh…so it is again that time of year where I made the solo trek to my beloved Vermont. I returned last night from 2 wonderful days away- relaxing.

The trip this year took me to see one of my best friends up in Vergennes/Middlebury area. He is a police officer, so I was able to do a “ride-a-long” on his shift. Not much happend, pulled over like 4 people speeding, listened to him and a few other officers bullshit- it was cool, felt like I belonged there. It was so fascinating to me that the thought crossed my mind a few times to “cross-over” to that type of perfession. I was able to see the neighboring towns of Panton, Bridport, and Ferrisburgh; views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks; Otter Creek Falls. (they were kind of foggy due to the rain that fell that day…but still beautiful); flooded areas due to all of the rain.

The ride up wasn’t bad at all. I stayed in S. Burlington (no other hotels had openings due to the Memorial Day weekend and the local colleges were graduating taking I-89 to my destination..took a little over 4 hours to get there. Weather was great (70/80).

On the way home Saturday I decided to take the more scenic way home…Rt. 7. But first, I detoured over to Essex Junction to go to the Vermont Toy Store to get gifts for Jakob. After getting back on track I headed over to Magic Hat Brewery to see what I could find for Todd. Went through Shelburne- almost stopped at the VT Teddy Bear Co. to get a bear for the baby (we had bought one for Jakob while I was pregnant)..but decided to wait because I WILL be back before the baby is born. I decided to go back to Vergennes for a little while. I took more pictures in town, especially of the falls.

My next stop was Middlebury. (Right now it is a toss up between VG and Midd on where to move). I took pics of the falls; headed over Otter creek vis the foot bridge to Danforth Pewters- they were having an open studio (watched one of the owners making a pewter oil lamp). From there I headed into downtown..strolling along, enjoying the beautiful clean air. Went into a few of the shops.

I stopped at the Pine Hill Cemetary in Brandon to take some pictures. Of course, I am not paying attention and think I can just take Rt. 7 all the way to where I need to go…yeah, no. I missed the turn off for Rt. 103, which would have taken me through Woodstock, Quechee (the way I wanted to go). I was like, where the hell is Okemo? Instead, I saw Mt. Tabor. I keep going and realize that I am almost into Bennington…although I have never been and is on my list of places to check out..I had no intentions of going yesterday. I pull out the “handy dandy” map and figure I need to jump on over to Rt. 9 East- that will take me to Brattleboro. Funny thing..there was a dewtour on Rt. 9E that wasn’t clearly marked, so I end up on these back roads (yeah, the VW does NOT have a compass like the Explorer!)…and luckily made the right couple of turns- lo and behold after finding a gas station, I find I am on the right road! Yeah, little scarry for a second. I did get to see the Bennington Monument. After making it back to Brattleboro…I drove through downtown to see what was going on (earlier in the day they had a funeral for Officer Jason Kaine), grabbed a bite to eat and then headed home.

I made it back by 8:30 (left Midd at 3:00)…longer than it should have taken me, but it was still an awesome couple of days!

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