March 2006

Mommy’s work had a Relay for Life activity at the bowling alley in Brooklyn. I ran and ran and ran. I wanted to play, but the balls were too big. Jaime taught me to yell “Show off!!” to Brian. I yelled “You’re a winner!” to her every time she got a gutterball. Mommy won a trophy for MOST GUTTER BALLS.

We spent one Saturday this month driving around looking for different road signs to take pictures of (Mommy took most of them in Niantic and Old Lyme). She made me a scrapbook with all of them in it.

Mommy and Daddy decided to trade the pick up truck in for a more “economical” vehicle because they spend a lot of money on gas because of the way Daddy drives (heehee). They bought an 03 Passat WAGON (Mommy swore she would never have a wagon or a van…), but it is really cool- I like the moon roof the best.

Grammy got to spend a week in California with Aunt Elly. Nana watched me just about all week. I had a good time…I think I tired her out though!

We helped Mommy’s friend Jacqui move…I ran and ran and ran.

The other night, Daddy did a big stinky (fart) and I told him “You should go to the bathroom!”.

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