A Purchase or Two…

Well, we decided today that throwing away almost $70 a week on gas for the pick up isn’t cool anymore. We were looking to trade the F150 in for a smaller/econimical car for Todd to drive back and forth to work.

We scoured a few cars online this morning and were looking into an 03 Corolla, an 04 Mazda M3, an 04 VW Jetta…and some Focus SVT. By the time we got to the dealership, they were pretty much all spoken for as they were running a special today. Instead we found *light shines down* an 04 VW Passat GLX 4 Motion Wagon. It is pretty sweet- it is silver with gray interior and has heated leather seats, moon roof, 190 hp, and is a 5 speed automatic to mention a few things. We are pretty excited. I think the only thing it needs are the windows tinted. It is going to be Todd’s vehicle, but in reality, I will be driving it more (hee hee).

So, on the way home…my cell phone dies (one month shy of my contract ending). Luckily, I was able to get a new phone without having to pay any stupid fees. I decided on the Razor (black of course).

What else?

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