X-Ray Results are in

Yeah, so…the dr. I saw a week ago last Wednesday had given me Vicodin and Alieve for my back pain…it wasn’t even touching it. So I had decided to go to MY docotor (long story…he switched practices) on Thursday. He wasn’t sure if it was a back spasm and thought it might be something along the lines of a bulging disc and ordered XRAYS. He also mentioned going to see a chiropractor. He prescribed Percoset and Naproxyn. That helped a whole lot! I felt funny taking the percs while at work, so I waited until I got home for the “fun” to begin- by the end of the day, I was ready.

Friday night was bad…I had worked all day and we went out with the guys to D’ Angelo’s for dinner and Best Buy after (I had to go to the truck because I couldn’t walk anymore!).

I just got a call from the doc’s office and I have…..a mild compression fracture on one of my vertabrae. The only cause would be from my sledding stint back in December. He said that it will take a little time, but it will heal on its own.

I am actually starting to feel better. No percs since Saturday night.

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