Where Jakob thinks you live

Jakob is starting to learn where different family members live and work.

When asked where our different family members live, he at first said “blueberries”. I then told him the city and he tried to repeat the word:

Nana lives in Putam (Putnam)
Grammy & Grampy live in Cornfield (Plainfield)
Uncle Scotty lives in Washville (Nashville)
Uncle Kev lives in Moofup (Moosup)
Uncle Kevin lives in Denber (Denver)
Jakob said he lives “here” in Jewett Siwy Siwy
Great Gram lives in Woostop (Woodstock)
Pop-pi (Bob) lives in Montana
Aunt Elly lives in Cawforne (California)
Aunt Robin lives in Rafi (Killingly)
Aunt Nancy lives in New Wondin (New London)
Grama Poppie lives in Newpork (Newport)
Catherine goes to school in Bostin
Scotty J lives in Foltown (Voluntown)
James and Tanda live in Eeeyhoooo (Idaho)

I asked him where Matchu Pitchu was and he remembered that it was “Faaaar awaaay in the clouds.”

He knows that Mommy works at Spirol and Daddy drives a BIG TRUCK. Grampy works at EB aka “Chocwat Boat” in Jewett Siwy Siwy; both Nana and Grammy work in Putam; Aunt Robin and Nancy work at the Casano

I asked him to say a few more things and he said” Ok, ok, no more!”

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